Pro Features

Additional features are available as part of a support package, or separate licensing terms (see Support).

These are:

Intelligent Load-balancing

New connections will be routed to the session container with the lowest utilisation.

Denial-of-Service Protection

Connection attempts will be rate-limited by source IP.

Early Connection Reject

New connections will be rejected if all session containers are above a configurable utilisation level (e.g. 90%).

Message Tap

Intercept messages from a separate process for recording or compliance purposes with zero overhead.

Admin Interface

API for external session management.

Metrics Integration

Metrics exported by Babl server can be exported to popular monitoring backends (e.g. Influx, Prometheus). Example dashboards for Grafana are available to supported customers.

Thread Affinity

Pin session container and application threads to isolated cores for minimal jitter and lower outlier latency.